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Transport to Switzerland

Express transport in areas of Switzerland. Two selected different routes for faster travel. The possibility of boarding in selected cities in Slovakia. The possibility of additional communication with the driver with the Swiss mobile phone operator. Transport minibus with a nice and experienced drivers. Rapid and Express , without unnecessary roundabout way.

Košice-Prešov-Levoča-Poprad-Liptovský Mikuláš-Ružomberok-Martin-Žilina-Považská Bystrica-Púchov-Dubnica nad Váhom-Trenčín-Piešťany-Trnava-Bratislava-Bregenz-St.Gallen-Winterthur-Zürich
Bardejov-St. Ľubovňa-Kežmarok-Poprad-Brezno-Banská Bystrica–Zvolen–Hronská Dúbrava-Žiar nad Hronom-Zlaté Moravce-Nitra-Bratislava–Bregenz-St.Gallen-Winterthur-Zürich

Po dohode: okolie Zurichu, Bern

Departures from Switzerland: Monday and Wednesday morning, Friday afternoon, Zurich
Departures from Slovakia: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday - morning

Each passenger will be informed about exact time and standpoint of departure at least a day before.
Ticket prices for the transport of various cities in Slovakia in selected areas of Switzerland are listed in the table below.

Prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF)
Sankt Gallen 90 110 100 95
Zurich 95 115 105 100

It is of course possible payment in euros, according to the current exchange rate of NBS ,which is valid on the day preceding the date of receipt of payment.

Order by phone. number:

Slovakia: +421 908 909 231
Switzerland: +41 7874 33 887

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